Thursday, August 23, 2012

50th party blog guest - Amy Andrews

I met Amy Andrews on the authors’ loop when she sold her first Medical romance, and we got on so well that I knew when I met her in person at the M;B authors’ lunch, a couple of years ago, we’d get on like a house on fire. (We did.) And when she had a big European trip with her family, I was thrilled that she made it to our place for dinner (despite it being snowy and freezing). I might add that Amy writes amazing books (the jellyfish one is still my fave), and she’s also joined the Modern Heat/Riva authors. AND she’s had a single title published, too – I’m trying to get my hands on a copy (mutter, mutter, might have to cave in and get a Kindle; but her book would definitely be worth that).

Over to Amy:

Thanks for having me Kate and a big woot woot on your 50th book! The mind boggles!

In this day and age an author makes a lot of “online” friends. People we “chat” with every day, share our lives with, laugh with and sometimes even cry with. We’re there for each other through the highs and lows. Clapping and cheering every sale and award nominations and feeding each other virtual chocolate at the dreaded one star reviews or a horrible letter from a reader who hated your latest book (yes, they do take the time to write to you and tell you personally…)

But it’s really rare that you actually get to meet them face to face because more often than not, they are on the other side of the world!

I can say it’s been my very great pleasure to have actually met Kate, not once, but twice! And she’s even more lovely in the flesh than she is in the cyber world. Hell, she even fed me and my family when we were visiting the UK in 2009! Nice and a bloody great cook too!

Kate was also one of the first to cheer me on when I too branched out from my medicals and joined the RIVA line. And again when I scored an Entangled Publishing contract.

Yes – I am now an Entangled romance author as well. And very happy and excited that Kate is giving me some air time to squee over it at her party.

What’s that you say? You want to know some more about Taming the Tycoon? My pleasure ☺

An unstoppable force is about to meet his first immovable object…

Real estate tycoon Nathaniel Montgomery is one deal away from making his first billion and fulfilling a promise to his dying father. Nothing will stop him from tearing down the decrepit St. Agnes hospital and erecting posh condos in its place. Not even the crystal-wearing, health food store owner whose publicity stunt lands him in the hospital.

After her brush with death five years ago, child protégé Addie Collins learned what’s truly important—health, happiness, and the two-hundred-year-old rose garden at St. Agnes. To make amends for the accident, she agrees to pose as Nathaniel’s girlfriend at his eccentric grandmother’s birthday party.
But Addie has an ulterior motive. To repay her debt to the universe, she must show him there's more to life than making money. Nathaniel hates to lose, but as she breaks through his defences, losing himself in Addie's arms might be exactly what this tycoon needs…

TtT is a “worlds colliding” story with a side of fake-girlfriend. Nathaniel is deliciously driven and Addie is delightfully not. I really love taking strong Alpha men and flummoxing them with feisty women who don’t fall at their feet in adoration and Addie certainly flummoxes Nate right from the get-go. Throw in some fluffy pink handcuffs, a herd of cute Alpacas and some elderberry wine and neither of them are safe in their corners any longer!

And in honour of Kate’s amazing milestone I’m helping her celebrate by giving away stuff! A digital copy of Taming the Tycoon to one lucky commenter as well as my latest medical How To Mend A Broken Heart.

And if you don’t win it you could always make this authors day and go here and buy it for the low, low price of $2.99 ☺

Happy 50th Kate. Raising my glass to 50 more!

You can find out more about Amy on her website,, meet her on Facebook at, follow her on Twitter - @AmyAndrewsbooks, or find her at the following blogs:


Amy Andrews said...

Hey Kate, let me be the first to kick off the comments and wish you a happy 50 milestone again.
Stupednous achievement!
And thanks for having me.

anna cleary said...

Oh I love that cover! Congrats on your multitudinous contracts, magnificent Amy, and on yours, fabulous Kate. Can't wait to see what you will both come up with next!


(that captcha thing is a jolly challenge, isn't it?)

Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on the third string to your bow, Amy. :)

Liz Fielding said...

PS on the Captcha thing. I've discovered - twice - when I couldn't read the wretched number, that it works without it!

spabbygirl lynne said...

what fantastic news Kate!!! I've had the pleasure of meeting Kate and 'speaking' a few times by email and she's every bit as super as everyone says! What fab sounding books too, I've just read an old one of Kate's and would love to read the current one and Amy's, but do they come on kobo? I wouldn't buy the other as I don't want to be locked into amazon & I can read library books on kobo.

Amy Andrews said...

Thanks Anna? Love love love your books!
Rolling my eyes already at the captcha I know I'm going to have to complete before I can post this.
Dear Blogger, I AM NOT A BOT!

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Liz - another fav of mine!
It always pays to have a third string I reckon :-)

Amy Andrews said...

Isn't she Lynne? Not sure about kobo. Will ask!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Amy! I love all the branching out you're doing. go you!

I long to meet Kate Hardy one day. It would be such a kick to attend the annual Mills & Boon author luncheon. It's definitely on my bucket list, and if I'm smart I'll make it on a year when Kate's up for a writing prize!

Loving all the celebrating, Kate. Fifty shades of books deserves a huge party. Congratulations.

Caroline said...

Hi Amy - great blog. I'm so enjoying Kate's 50th book blog party! Caroline x

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Lynne. You'll love Kate! :-)
Must try and snychronise our visits to the UK!

Amy Andrews said...

Thanks Caroline. This is a great place to hang out, isn't it :-)

bn100 said...

The book sounds good.

Kate Hardy said...

First name drawn from the hat for 'Taming the Tycoon' and 'How to Mend a Broken Heart' - Lynne (spabbygirl). Please contact me kate(dot)hardy(at)btinternet(dot)com with your details, and I'll get everything sorted :o) Thanks for taking part!