Saturday, August 04, 2012

50th party blog guest - Ally Blake

I’m delighted to welcome my first guest, Ally Blake, who writes fabulous books for Harlequin RIVA.

Although I haven’t met her in person (solely because we live on opposite sides of the world, but we are SO going to meet one of these years), I’ve known her for years on the M&B loops and cheered along with friends when her babies arrived and when her first Modern Heat was accepted. We have a shared love of gorgeous men and chocolate (and I think we’re both very much on the Pollyanna side – Ally’s nice), and she’s recommended some great romcoms to me over the years.

(And how, just how, does she manage to be so glam with three littlies? Mine are both high school age now, and I can’t manage the glam…)

Anyway, over to Ally.

When Kate first sold her 50th book there were cries far and wide that she HAD to have a blog party!!! And I'm soooo excited to be here to join in the celebrations!

My current release THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is my 22nd, and even that number shocks me every time I think it, so 50 is just incredible. Especially considering Kate only sold her first book a couple of years before I sold mine! Jeepers, what have I been doing with my time???!!! Okay, so I've been having having babies, eating chocolate, watching True Blood, so it's been time well spent.

But back to Miss Kate. You should know that THE CINDERELLA PROJECT is on my keeper shelf and it's THE book that made me want to write for Harlequin RIVA (which back then was called Modern Extra). I was writing for Harlequin Romance at the time, a line I loved writing for and still love to read, but I remember the fun, the romantic tension, and the lightness of touch in Kate's book drawing me along on an absolutely delightful ride and making me think, I wanna have a crack at that the kind of book! So I did, and here I am, still writing for that line today.

So thank-YOU Kate, for giving me a window into the exact kind of books I love to read and write.

And even while it exhausts me to even think it, when it comes to Kate Hardy, I have no doubt there's another 50 more on the way!!!


THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is out now across Australia & New Zealand and in North America in December 2012. Can't wait? Grab the UK version from The Book Depository for free delivery worldwide! For more about Ally's books go to or follow her on Twitter @ally_blake.

Ally’s giving away a copy of The Rules of Engagement - just leave a comment below to put your name in the draw :o)


Sadie Lodge said...

Congratulations Kate!
I'm still plodding away and getting published - hopefully with M&B.
Met your Editor at the RNA Conference who was lovely.
Ally - what an interesting post. Very inspiring!
All best wishes to you both.
Sadie Lodge
aka Sarah Crowe

Ally Blake said...

Hey Kate!!!!!! So excited for you my sweet!

And a big wave to Sarah!


Kelly Hunter said...

Kate, I come bearing chocolate and heartfelt thanks for the fun I've had being in-line with you and all the other Riva princesses over the years. You rock and congratulations!

Ally, is this the one out this month in Aus? Because I must have at it.


Jo Fereday said...

22 books isn't anything to be taken lightly, Ally, although Kate's 50 really is impressive! Ally, I've only just discovered that Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is Australian. Recently, every time I look up an "American" hunk, they turn out to be an Aussie export. I hope there's some still left at home for local entertainment!

Ally Blake said...

Hey Kelly! The Rules of Engagement is, in fact, out in Australia this month. In a duo with Anna Cleary's Keeping Her Up All Night. Unmissable surely! ;)

Ally Blake said...

Oh Jo, woman after my own heart. Any mention of True Blood and you're a friend of mine ;).

I certainly don't blame you for googling our Ryan, his Jason is such a darling. Though Joe Manganiella as Alcide is mine, ALL MINE!

Okay, backing away and taking deep breaths ;).

Need cake. Kate must have cake!


Melinda Hammond/Sarah Mallory said...

Popping in for a piece of cake and to say hi. Hope The Rules of Engagement is very successful for you, Ally, and as the family grows up you will have more time (although mine are grown up and they never completely leave home) You'll soon be up to 50 books, I am sure. Kate - huge congratulations and I know you are already well on your way to the next 50 books!

Ally Blake said...

Thanks Melinda!

You're right, time is a very precious thing, esp with toddlers underfoot. It's night time in my part of the world and I'm doing proof edits, eating dinner at my desk, and keeping track of my footy team's match all at once. When the kids are's all about the kids!

I shall off to bed soon and dream of daylight savings ;).


Kate Hardy said...

Sadie/Sarah - thank you! (And yes, my editor is utterly lovely x)

Ally - I'm super-excited, too (even though I've just arrived home with an awful lot of dirty laundry, blisters and sunburn - yay for the English coast). Thank you for being my first guest!

Kel - you brought chocolate?? Superstar!! xxx (And you rock, too. It's been great being part of the Riva/Modern Heat gals.)

Jo - agreed, 22 is pretty good going, especially when you're writing with littlies! (And Ally has, ahem, introduced me to a lot of new gorgeous men.)

Ally - Of COURSE I have cake. (Actually. it's Whitby gingerbread and it made it home in one piece, so I think we have to open it NOW.)

Melinda - lovely to see you here (and can't wait for your slot later in the party!). I thought of you as we passed Darrington on the way home :)

Ally - you're a legend at multi-tasking :)

Carol Hedges said...

Lovely post. Thanks ladies. I love reading blogs - you always pick up something useful or interesting. X

Ally Blake said...

Welcome home Kate!!! Envious of your blisters and sunburn if it meant a trip to the coast!

Carol, so glad you enjoyed!!!


Robyn Grady said...

Happy 50th, Kate!!!! So pleased for you. I too have The Cinderella Project on my keepers shelf. Your writer's voice, Kate, never fails to sweep me away. No wonder you're so darn successful and your stories so well loved.
Ally congrats on your latest release! You're always an auto buy =)
Robbie, raising her champagne flute!

Kate Hardy said...

Carol, glad you enjoyed. Robbie, mwah! xxx (and looking forward to your post!)

Kate Hardy said...

Winner: Jo Fereday. Please contact me kate(dot)hardy(at)btinternet(dot)com with your snailmail addy and I'll get everything sorted!

Ally Blake said...

Ooooh yay Jo! Hope you'll enjoy THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT when it wings your way!


Jo Fereday said...

*jumps up and down in embarrassing happy dance* Thank you Ally and Kate! I'm sure I'll love it!