Monday, November 07, 2011

son et lumière

Current work: new medical
Listening to: Coldplay
Reading: Liz Fielding, Italian for Beginners (loved this – great heroine, lovely hero, and of course the most gorgeous setting…)

Son? (No, not my boy. French for sound. Am being pretentious. D'accord.) That’s my new hearing, which I get this morning. (Will report on that tomorrow.)

Lumière? That’s the fireworks from this weekend. We had a great time. My cousin is a total pyromaniac. Y’know how kids do the ‘are we there yet?’ – well, with her, it was, ‘Is it my turn to light one? Is it my turn? Is it?’ Son was allowed to light one (obviously under supervision) and was utterly thrilled. Daughter prefers to watch, but was thrilled to have sparklers. And she insisted on using her new oven glove while holding the sparkler, to make mega-sure she didn’t get burned (bless her).

They say that pictures paint a thousand words. These will explain what we did on Saturday...

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