Monday, November 28, 2011

Grease is the word...

Current work: medical (if you remember Sebastian from ‘Her Honourable Playboy’ – this hero makes him look tame and calm. Help!)
Listening to: Joe Bonamassa (the key track is ‘Feeling Good’ – I think I like his version even better than Muse’s)
Reading: India Grey, In Bed with a Stranger (enjoyed the second part of Kit and Sophie’s story – worked really well as a duet)

Lovely weekend. Really nice to see Kate on Friday – lots of talking (and yes, it was Pizza Express in the Forum; and yes, I ordered the chicken salad with avocado instead of dough sticks – terribly predictable). Ordered the Christmas holly wreaths for both parents’ graves (picking them up on Tuesday and putting them on the graves on Wednesday, as both children have a strike day off school).

Daughter and I had a great time at Grease on Saturday night.

Shame that we couldn’t persuade the boys to come with us as the singing, choregraphy and acting were all great. (The staging was good, too.) *Loved* the fireworks!

Did some more Christmas shopping on Sunday (and yes, it involved breakfast out – for all four of us, for a change). Was a little naughty and bought myself some violet and rose creams from a local chocolatier. They were OK, but I’ve been terribly spoiled with the Fortnum & Mason chocs (thank you, lovely Anna Cleary) and nothing is going to live up to them! Also involved trying to keep daughter in books until Christmas. (I bought her four. I’ll be lucky if that lasts her a week and a half.) She asked for ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, which son says is an excellent book but will make her cry.

Today: nose to grindstone. I have a book to write and a talk to knock into shape.


Anonymous said...

...But "Don't Explain" is 2. My fav singer has teamed up with your favourite guitarist for a terrific cd.
Have you heard Joe Bonamassa's cd with Beth Hart? Utterly gorgeous. Oh for a voice like Beth Hart.
Has your daughter read Mary Hooper's books?

Kate Hardy said...

Anon - sounds intriguing so I'll have to go look that up. (I foresee a little naughtiness on DH's iTunes account...)

Thanks for the Mary H rec - actually, yes, I bought her duo set in the plague and Chlo loved them, so she's working through the backlist. (But please do keep the recs coming. I'm always on the lookout for books Chlo would enjoy. Chris is easier because he doesn't go through books at such a rate of knots!)

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, WOW - that gave me goosebumps! Just bought it. Ta for the rec :)

Mia said...

Found it amusing that you said you had goosebumps when you heard the cd. I always have goosebumps when I listen to Beth Hart singing.
I'm glad you enjoyed the cd.They definitely compliment each other.