Friday, November 04, 2011


Current work: new medical
Listening to: Coldplay
Reading: Susanna Kearsley, Every Secret Thing (really enjoying this)

Busy busy means partying as hard as I’m working (my characters went on strike during second revisions, so I’m having to coax them back). I’m out to lunch today (celebrating a friend’s milestone birthday – waves to Jo); then bestest cousin is coming up for the weekend tomorrow. Which means final birthday celebrations for littlest, fireworks, and eating too much. (Chicken with apple, jacket potatoes and lots of veg for dinner, followed by cheesecake or chocolate fudge pudding, then cheese and crackers with tawny port. And probably too much sauvignon blanc – which in my terms means one and a half glasses, as I’m a total lightweight nowadays when it comes to alcohol. Sunday lunch is roast beef and all the trimmings. And in between I need to make a birthday cake, as Little Miss Fussy has decided she doesn’t like shop-bought cake, even M&S.) Oh yes, and it’s school photographs tomorrow morning. Son’s school does school photos for alternate year groups; this year is a ‘no school photo’ year, but the wonderful PTA has organised a local photographic studio to come in at the weekend, so I’ll get a nice pic of son and daughter together.

And did I mention I have a book to write? LOL. Time to get off the net (I’ve just spent 20 minutes researching posh tea and have been a little bit naughty this morning – but then again, pomegranate is really good for blood pressure…). And absolutely no Sudoku until I’ve done my quota!


Lacey Devlin said...

In among all that work and play has there been time to paint your nails another brilliant colour? I sure hope so. Happy writing!

Olivia Ryan said...

From one busy person to another ... sounds like you're having fun! (My busy-ness has been more about grandbabies, but of course, that's fun too!). How do we manage to squeeze in our writing at all? I find it harder now than when I had a full-time day job!!