Friday, September 02, 2011

publication day

Current work: Rome Riva
Listening to: various
Reading: The Return of the Stranger, Kate Walker (enjoyed very much – I was expecting it to be good, as it’s a retelling of Wuthering Heights and I happen to know that Kate is an expert on the Brontes. I think it’s one of my favourites of hers) – and yes, I know I shouldn’t have been writing, given my deadline, but this wasn’t something I could resist :o)

Today is the official publication day for Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached - in both the UK and the US! So I'm posting both covers for your delectation - and dashing back to my deadline.


scarlet wilson said...

Oooo the Uk cover is MUCh sexier - very Patrick Dempsey like!!

Shirley Wells said...

Happy publication day!

I thought the UK one was much sexier. However, having studied them both (it has to be done ;)), I see the US one has certain qualities. Those eyes ... yum.