Tuesday, September 06, 2011

last day of school holidays...

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… and, as son is having his mates over this afternoon, daughter is being dragooned into doing some research with me. Y’know Method Acting? Well, I think that’s my research style in writing. I’m always happier if I visit a place I want to write about, because I can soak up the atmosphere for myself; and the hero/heroine tends to share some of my interests. (Just as well I don’t write crime, innit? LOL.)

Anyway, as my current heroine makes cakes… actually, we’re really talking sugar-paste artistry, and I’m a bit challenged on the artistic front. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. (I do, however, make great cake.) So, y’know, cakes. Now, when you’re starting up a business, you won’t get enough work on large cakes at first to keep your cashflow going. So my heroine makes cupcakes as well… and that means icing. And that means the stuff that looks like a rose, preferably two-tone, and preferably with either lustre dust or glitter sugar.

And, with the planned Method Writing, that meant going to one of the shops on the ‘not allowed in without a responsible adult’ list, for supplies. (Daughter tried to claim she is responsible. Um. (a) not an adult, (b) encourages me to be bad. So I don’t think so…)

It’s the last day of the school holidays. Quite what the boys will think of the cakes… well, actually, they probably won’t even notice the icing. It’ll be that teenage boy thing of being a bottomless pit, and any food will do. But daughter and I will have fun with the research!

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