Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Current work: Modern Heat (finishing off book 1 of the duo)
Listening to: Def Leppard/Debussy
Reading: next on TBR

Really, really busy weekend.

Friday: briefly into town, then catching up with work, then out bowling (it was Glow Bowling, i.e. everything was fluorescent, so littlest was delighted – and I was totally shocked to get the best score of the night. I mean, I’m hopeless! But I got a spare followed by two strikes, one of which won me a “glow torch”… oh, and the fact that our team had the bumper bars up might’ve helped – but anyway, it was my personal best and I was so chuffed). Then everyone came back to ours for dinner (jacket potatoes, chicken breasts, ratatouille, salad – and I was very good and had a very small piece of birthday cake and NO pudding).

Saturday: supermarket to sort out shopping for Sunday’s party, work, and then “trick or treat”. DH always has a giant pumpkin – and this shot of the dog will give you an idea of how big. (Dog was not pleased at being used as a marker. That sulky look says very clearly, “There had better be treats involved, for doing this.”)

Sunday: family party. Sadly, Dad wasn’t well enough to come, so I sent a goodie bag via my stepmum. Madam entertained us all with her guitar playing – she’s getting very good.

Yesterday: inset day, so in to town so Madam could spend some of her birthday money. She bought a DSi (which is great fun – I love the voice recorder, and the fact you can play things backwards) and a camera (Nikon compact – it’s tiny and she’s delighted with it). Sneaked in a bit of work, then out to dinner at Yellows – birthday girl was very pleased with that.

Today: guitar lesson, then finish as much as I can of the book, then school run and Madam’s two best friends are coming home with her for dinner.

Righty. I’m gone. Lots to do.


Olivia Ryan said...

Love the picture, Kate! xx

Caroline Storer said...

Hi Kate. Ahhh on the photo. Perhaps the dog felt threatened? I know my two do when anything big and unusual lands in the house. Last weekend we had a new TV and the dogs were growling at the cardboard box for ages! Glad you had a fab birthday weekend. Much fun was had by all it seems! Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Party? Are we all invited? ;) I love the picture, were there treats involved?

Jan Jones said...

My goodness, you really DO know how to party, don't you?

Glad littlest had lots of fab times and VERY GOOD on you for resisting those evil carbs.

Shirley Wells said...

It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. Well, except Byron maybe. I hope there were treats for him?

Kate Hardy said...

He was in such a sulk, Olivia. Cost me treats!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - no, he didn't feel threatened, just wanted to sit somewhere else. (The sofa. Where he knows he's not supposed to sit.) LOL on your dogs and the cardboard boxes.

Madam had a great weekend - finished Tuesday night with her two best friends from school home for tea.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - I will be throwing a blog party if this book goes through!

And yes, there were treats involved. (This also included bits of chicken on Sunday, and more chicken on Tuesday. Spoiled rotten, he is.)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - it's her last single-figure birthday, so she needed celebrations...

Did OK with the evil carbs until today (Weds). Bit pants. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - we did, thanks. And yup, he got treats. Lots of. (When my family come over, they always bring him something nice. And he knows it. He sits patiently and wags his tail very politely and does the thing with the eyes to make everyone go 'Ahhh' and spoil him.)