Monday, November 02, 2009

happy November

Current work: Modern Heat (finishing off book 1 of the duo)
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Sarah Morgan duo – Snowbound: Marriage Miracle and Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery (absolutely brilliant – Alfie, Patrick’s son, is just hilarious. Sarah’s secondaries are always a treat, and there’s snow, and gorgeous heroes, and really nice heroines you’d like to be mates with, and walk-on parts from characters from her previous Lakeland books, and… Highly recommended!)

Happy November; and may it be a lovely month for you.

Today is an inset day (teacher training) so I’m busy doing stuff with the kids (Madam is desperate to spend her birthday money) and finishing off my book, but I’ll be back with reports of this weekend’s partying tomorrow.

In the meantime, my mate Sarah Morgan has a sparkling new website, so do go over and have a look.


Sharon said...

How did you take that sparkly photo?

Kate Hardy said...

I could fib and say it was a 15-sec exposure while I got one of the kids to draw a heart...

but I'd better confess it's actually the pic from the calendar one of my best mates bought me for Christmas. (

Made me think, though. Sparklers, "fireworks" mode on my camera... Going to have to see if I can do that, now!)