Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the little things

Current work: slash and burn job (still)
Listening to: Bach cello sonatas
Reading: (still not quite there - watched House last night instead, because sometimes I just need a cuddle with DH on the sofa)

Let’s just say that Tuesday afternoons are fast becoming the low point of the week. (Some of the conversations with Dad are so surreal it makes me want to laugh. And then it makes me want to weep because it’s so damn sad.)

But the little things keep me going. Tonight, it was the fact that son wanted a hand with his Food Tech homework. Turned into a really enjoyable foodie discussion, and then a request to help me cook dinner. So he did. (I’m quite pleased that he’s showing interest in cooking as well as being the typical teenage boy, aka permanently hungry and shooting up at a rate of knots. At least I know when he goes to uni/leaves home he’ll be able to fend for himself. It’s also a good bargaining tool if the people you live with can’t cook – gets you out of washing up duties *g*)

So what are the little things that keep you going?


Jan Jones said...

Actually, weird as it might seem, it's having friends out there in Internet-land.

When I get low, or frustrated, or just plain tired, I can call up Twitter and join in a random conversation - or drop into a blog and leave a comment.

I think it just helps to know that other people are doing something.

Shirley Wells said...

Ooh, Jan's just taken the words out of my mouth. Yes, it does seem weird but, because writing can be a lonely profession, I'm always cheered up by friends out there in cyberland.

Not, I hasten to add, that I twitter. Yet.

Anonymous said...

The sky. It's always there, and always beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Dance Music. yesterday it was Radio One - today Trance on the DAB radio. Power tunes that make your blood pump.
And sunshine.
Happy thoughts. :-)

Caroline Storer said...

When I'm feeling low a long chat with the DH and a walk with the dogs normally sorts me out. That and a good book as well! Hugs for a bad day yesterday! Take care. Caroline x

Olivia Ryan said...

I suppose I'm a typically-English 'nice cup of tea' type of person - putting the kettle on usually makes me feel better! And (like I have today) going to see my daughter and baby grandson, seeing him smile - guaranteed to lift the heart! x

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - that's a really good point. You're right.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - absolutely true. (And I'm with you on Twitter...)

Kate Hardy said...

MPE - absolutely. Just watching clouds is lovely. (Better still if it's sunrise or sunset.)

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - you might have to convince me re dance music *g* - but yeah, music and sunshine. (It's sunny here today and lovely.)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thanks. Mmm, dogs and DH and a good book sounds fab to me.

Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - that's lovely, and I hope there will be more pics on your blog soon!