Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainy half term

Current work: Modern Heat (well, might get some done today)
Listening to: not right now as am the only one up
Reading: next on TBA

Didn't do much yesterday, other than nag DH to fit a blackout blind to our room, because the sun blazes through the (lined) curtains at 5am. I'm a lark so normally that would be fine (yay, the prospect of two extra hours' work at my best time of day), but when you live with an owl who refuses to turn the TV/light off before 11.30 (and even that takes much nagging from the lark), it means sleep deprivation and grumpiness. The blind helped a lot this morning - though he'd sneakily closed the window, and it was really muggy overnight. This morning, as the saying goes, Mummy has a a headache. Fresh air would deal with it but, as it's pouring, dog and kids would protest at the idea of walkies. So today is paracetamol for breakfast.

As it's so damp, I'm planning to take the children to the cinema today. They were torn between Coralline 3D (which I think will give daughter nightmares) or Night at the Museum 2. Then lunch out. Might visit the Castle Museum afterwards.

Apols if I sound a bit flat. The situation with my dad isn't so good right now - not saying more out of respect to his privacy, but let's say my eyes have really been opened on the subject of dementia, and my hat goes off to people who care 24/7. (A good friend has sat me down and given me a stern talking-to - thank you to her for that - and I'm going to start call-screening and dealing with his calls after I've done whatever needs to be done that day. Harsh? I might have said so a year ago, but now I know it's the sensible way to deal with a difficult and upsetting situation.)

Glass half-full: I do have things to look forward to, this week. A whole week with the kids (and I like my children as well as love them); a trip to Colchester for book purposes (I have a list of locations to photograph there); and picking up my new car at the end of the week (DH and the kids are running a book on whether I'll drive it home or wuss out of it). Plus I'm seeing my bestest friend and bestest family on Sunday, so that'll be just lovely.

I did two craft posts on research, last week. Does anyone want to know how I tie it all together and write the book? If so, let me know and I'll do a craft post later in the week.


Liz Fielding said...

Sorry you're going through a difficult patch, Kate. And waking with the headache. I has to be howling a gale before I can bear to have the bedroom window shut -- also have an insomniac dh who listens to the radio all night -- so know exactly how you feel.

India said...

Hugs on the difficult situation, lovey. And I think your friend is right-- you can't look after anyone unless you're looking after yourself properly. Compartmentalising a little and giving yourself some space seems like an excellent idea.

Hope I'm not too late with this, but I'd definitely avoid Coraline. I was going to take my 3 (eldest loves Neil Gaiman), but apparently its PG rating is a definite red herring and it's essentially NOT a children's film. (The plot summary on wikipedia was enough to give me nightmares!)

Diane said...

I have someone else going through something very similar and while it's not easy, it's also called tough love and you have to try not to become a slave to it all. Hugs to help you through it all, though. <3

And yes please, if you have the time, of course I'd love to know how you put it all together too. :o)

Diane said...

PS And I want a blackout blind too. My room may be mostly facing north, but it's still very bright in the morning. I was going to arrange it when I do the bedroom, but as it's unlikely I'll get around to that in the future, I may ask Josie if she can do one for me.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - thank you. I think this patch is going to last for a while yet (so far, three weeks and counting). But at least he knows who I am some of the time. When that goes, I think I'll find it very hard.

As for DH: I think mine is being a pain this week because he has an impending birthday. He was fine about being 40, but 44 is clearly an issue!

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks for the hugs, India. Compartmentalising is difficult but I think necessary!

Thanks for the warning - we saw Night At The Museum (which was great). I've since read reviews which said it should be at least a 12A. And as I've copyedited horror collections in the past, one of which contained a story that reminded me of this... um, it gave me nightmares, so littlest definitely wouldn't cope!

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - thanks :o) It's definitely not easy.

I'll do a craft post later in the week.

And I definitely recommend John Lewis for blackout blinds. Ours worked beautifully this morning.

Shirley Wells said...

Sending belated hugs from here too. It's a very, very difficult situation. And you're not being 'harsh' at all. To be of any use to anyone else, you have to be in a good state yourself.

I've just had a blackout blind fitted too. We went for the 'Perfect Fit' blinds - a very clever little invention.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Shirley. It's a tough one and we know he's not going to get better - it's a matter of learning to deal with each new slide as it happens.

Haven't heard of the 'perfect fit' blinds - must go and look them up :o) The JL one is very good. (DH initially suggested Argos, until I made him read the reviews. Poor fittings, fell apart quickly... that's why they were 1/3 of the price of the JL blinds. Am *still* trying to get him to see the difference between good value and false economy!)