Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Current work: Medical, chapter 2 (but I have been messing about with #3 as well)
Listening to: Led Zeppelin II (because it’s autumn and, as the leaves are falling all around, ‘Ramble On’ is just too appropriate to resist)
Reading: Margaret McDonagh, Dr Devereux's Proposal (another of her lovely warm books - very enjoyable)

Really excellent day yesterday – my signed print arrived! Am going to drop David Dane a note saying how lovely the print is, and thanking him for letting me know about the opportunity. Having spoken to him before, I know he’ll adore the coincidence that this has many elements of the picture I had in my head when we had our discussion earlier this year.

It looks gorgeous, both here on the NWT website and here on David’s website. But it looks even better in the flesh. I had to nip into town yesterday after school anyway, to sort out a couple of things, so I took it in to the framer’s and it should be back within a fortnight. It’s the oldest established framing shop in Norwich; he’s framed several Dane originals and I’ve chosen a very simple beech frame to go with the furniture in my office (though the framed print might be too big… in which case it’ll go in the living room, as DH shares my taste in art and was impressed with the print).

The shop also sells prints; didn’t get a chance to browse properly, but there was a picture that really grabbed my attention. Did some browsing at home and I’ve found the artist – Steve Denby. Just go and look at his website. The compositions are stunning. (Note to self: find out how this infra-red business works. Potential lightbulb here.)

Plan for today: skipping guitar as I have a busy week ahead (more stuff with the floor, and Dad's not well at the moment) and a looming deadline. Today is a head-down-writing day, and this evening I’m signing books at Jarrolds. At the moment, am dog tired, but a cup of coffee should kick in, in about 20 minutes. Hopefully.


Shirley said...

Wow! That print is utterly, utterly gorgeous. I love it. Lucky you ... and thoroughly deserved.

Sorry to hear your dad's not well. Sending lots of cyber hugs your way.

carolwarham said...

It is a beautiful print

Melissa Marsh said...

Love that print! I would like to start collecting original artwork, too.

Anonymous said...

I hope your dad is feeling well! He is, along with you and your family, in my prayers this week.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - mm, it's gorgeous. Am looking forward to picking it up next week.

Thanks for the hugs. They're really needed at the mo (and not because of Dad).

Kate Hardy said...

Carol - isn't it just? Am very lucky.

Kate Hardy said...

Melissa - his originals are well into four figures sterling, outside my price range! But I was so pleased he let me know about this rare opportunity for a print.

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - thank you. Hugs back atcha.