Thursday, November 20, 2008

in threes

Current work: Medical, chapter 3
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Sarah Morgan: Italian Doctor, Sleigh-bell Bride (fabulous read – warm, witty and the most gorgeous hero – she’s my favourite medical romance author and although I’d intended to save this one for a post-book treat, I needed it last night)

So much for thinking that this year’s crises are over. Can’t blog about it but suffice it to say I’m back on caffeine and I’m probably going to take it out on the book (which has dark themes anyway). The stuff with Dad - well, that's something we have to live with. And the floor. And I’m going to hope and pray very hard that the fear re the third thing remains fear rather than reality.

OK. Glass half full.

  • Really lovely book-signing at Jarrolds on Tuesday night. When people come up and shake my hand and say how much they enjoyed my last book/ask me to sign my latest for their husband/brother/them, it puts a lump in my throat. Anyway, was a good evening.
    Nice interview yesterday about being deaf (should be in January’s edition of Able magazine).
  • Had my first ever email from my son yesterday. (Good. Now I can send emails to remind him to bring his PE kit home…)
  • Son announced that he needed to find bits of Chaucer and Shakespeare for his homework. He was delighted to discover complete works of both on my shelves – and I was amused at his reaction. ‘Mum, you’ve scribbled in these books! That’s really bad!’ No, they’re my working copies. Notes and underlining significant passages. You just have to decipher my abbreviations. Anyway, I quoted him a couple of pieces and he went for Macbeth’s soliloquy (one of my personal faves).
  • Nosed through son’s literacy book and discovered he was doing Gawain. Am so pleased that Middle English (the fun bits that will hook kids) is being taught in Y7. And it was fabulous to have a literary conversation with my eldest. (Youngest was all ears, soaking it up.)


Nell said...

Stopping by in between belle's show rehearsals, parent teacher interviews and ensuing madness to leave you a huge hug - just because.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that the English education system is much better than the American.

I hadn't even heard of Chaucer or Gawain until my first year of college.

I may move to England, as my mom's side of the family is Irish, and raise my future children as English.

But yes, you get hugs because you hugged me, and because you deserve it.

India said...

Another hug here.... x