Friday, November 07, 2008

(don’t) let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Current work: (having a thinking day)
Listening to: Joe Lynn Turner
Reading: Jan Jones, Fair Deception (finished it last night – excellent ending. Looking forward to the next!)

Last night, the plan was that we’d nip into town very quickly and spend Madam’s birthday money. Son had the option of going next door to the Games Workshop (used to be one of his favourite places). Nuh-uh. He wanted to help his little sister choose her charms. (I think he would like a Pandora charm, because he has been poring over the catalogue with her. May have to get him a leather thong: jewellery is banned from school, so he won't get teased by anyone, and it's not as if he's going to turn into Medallion Man.) So now she has her birth sign, her initial and a very cute little ghost. And I bought one as well, because… um, can’t talk about that yet, but I will when I can. It has a pointsettia on it (which looks like an iris - that's why I bought it).

After that I needed to go to M&S because I live in their lovely black trousers and one pair had worn out and needed replacing. While I was there I bought a skirt (Christmas party type thingy – is long, asymmetrical handkerchief hem, lots of lace, and very pretty – there was a top that matched but they were too much, together; goes better with a black camisole top and a black lacy shrug). DH rang me several times to find out where I was, as his best friend also happened to be in town so we were going to meet up for coffee. I suggested meeting in the M&S cafe, but was overruled in favour of Chapelfield. So I paid for my goodies...

... and then I walked out into snow.

Not real snow. There were two of those blowers that puffs up little squidgy bits of foam so it looks like snow. Oh-h-h. Lightbulb. (My current book is set at the seaside in the middle of summer. No snow. The one after, however, is set in Norway in the winter. Snow a-plenty. Who said ‘reindeer’?)

Why snow? Because Father Christmas was doing the official opening of the lights at Chapelfield last night. The kids loved it. And they were playing Dean Martin’s ‘Let it snow’, so it was really atmospheric. I could almost have wished for the s-word :o) Except I have plans for the w/e, as my best friend is coming up (the kids can’t wait to see her and have been counting the days all week). And it’s school fireworks tonight: so no rain or snow, please!


Jan Jones said...

Phew! What a relief that you liked the ending!

Leather thong for son sounds a v good idea

Diane said...

Snow? SNOW? Hey, I'd even have some of that stuff. :o)

I'm giving away chocolate at my place today ...

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - it was a thoroughly enjoyable book and you should be proud of it.

Mmm, I think the leather thing would be a good compromise

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - you would've enjoyed it. But the pavement was really slippery, as if someone had dumped a pile of sudsy dishwater on it.

Hope you enjoyed the choc giveaway :o)