Thursday, September 05, 2013

Top of the charts - whoo!

I can't quite let this one pass. I know it's not British to shout about things like this, but I spotted this yesterday on the Amazon US charts for large print romance, and... hey... how often do you hit this position in the charts AND in this sort of company? Thank you, dear readers, for putting me there.

And what makes it even sweeter is that today I had an email from my publisher with the milestones in it, and that very same book makes an appearance... :o)

Colour me happy :)


Julie B. said...

Huge congrats, Kate and very much deserved! Your books are always fabulous and I'm so thrilled for you.

Mia said...

Well done. Just finished the book last night and thoroughly enjoyed. Your trip to London sounds fun. Ah, one day. How long is the train trip home, may I ask?

Kate Hardy said...

Julie - thank you very much! Mia - so glad you enjoyed the book. The train is 2 hours between London and Norwich, so it's not too bad.

Mary Preston said...

SHOUT away!! I would. Well done.