Tuesday, September 10, 2013

elsewhere today, and a wardrobe panic

Current work: working on M&B #59 (Rom – Mediterranean prince) and two or three other projects
Listening to: 30 Seconds to Mars, This is War (fabulous!)
Reading: next on TBR
Gym: cardio (increased intervals to 90s run, 60s walk)

Just about recovered from London, in time for visit #2 this Friday :o)

I’m still thrilled about hitting the top of the charts last week – and I’m talking about Bound by a Baby, the book in question, over at the Choc Box today - http://www.chocolateboxwriters.com/babies-and-paris-oh-my/

Other than that, I’ve booked tickets for birthday treats later in the year – 30 Seconds to Mars at the O2 in November (my daughter’s birthday); Punt and Dennis at the Theatre Royal in Norwich in February (my birthday weekend), and Propeller’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in March (also counts as mine, as it’s the nearest Shakespeare production to my birthday).

I also have proof that – although I can’t see it myself in pictures – I am definitely thinner. I was going to wear last year’s outfit to the M&B lunch on Friday. Except… it doesn’t fit any more. It’s a little too baggy and it doesn't look right (and I swear it fitted me last month). So I had a wardrobe panic and tried on a couple of things I thought might fit now (given that I’m about the same weight as I was when I bought them). Um. No. The gym has clearly changed my shape, because they were, um, too big. Somehow I overshot the window of ‘when I’m thin enough for this to fit’. My wardrobe consultant (aka daughter) got me to try everything on, with the result that half my wardrobe is now in a bag ready to go to the charity shop. I’m kind of pleased that my hard work is paying off, and it’s nice having space in my wardrobe. I’m not ready for a big splurge on new clothes yet – that’ll be in about a year’s time, going by the current rate of loss – but my best friend and my daughter are primed to join me. And when I get there, to celebrate I plan to buy a little black dress from (whispers) here… and a pair of shiny red high-heeled court shoes. (Apologies for the adjective overload. I don't do that in my books!)


Mary Preston said...


In every way actually.

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Mary xxx