Monday, July 06, 2015

revisions finally done

Yes! The revisions are FINALLY done! (I know why I was stuck and dragged my feet for so long - basically I disagreed completely with something my ed wanted me to change. I tried to do it her way and it didn't work. So I've argued my case :) Fingers crossed I was eloquent enough and the rest of it makes her happy.) All righty. Outline for next Med (high five and a big thank you to Michelle Styles​ for giving me a lightbulb - ed has agreed to the setting but we're still 'discussing' the heroine's job, though I know I'm going to lose that particular fight), proofs for Her Playboy's Proposal, and then I can go back to book 2 of the Rom/Cherish duo. Gym today was excellent - the last bit of each accumulator involves a minute on each side (knee drives, kick-outs and medicine-ball woodchops respectively), which I've been doing as four lots of 30 seconds (to keep my heart rate up because otherwise I'd struggle). Lovely trainer Georgia decided I was at the point where I could do the full minute instead, and she was right - which is a nice confidence boost. Stats for today: 502 cals torched, 6m in peak, 28m in cardio and 18m in fat burn. Yay. Have a nice day :)

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