Monday, May 18, 2015

Trying something different...

Firstly, huge apologies for neglecting my blog. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

What I'm going to do from today onwards is to post my Facebook status here as well. Frankly, I'm sure that my readers and my editor would all prefer me to produce stories rather than cudgel my brain to come up with something fresh and new for every single bit of social media every day - but apologies in advance if that comes across as being arrogant, uncaring or snotty. It's not. I'm a working mum of teens in the middle of exam season and milestone birthday, there's other family stuff going on which is a major timesuck (let's just say that dealing with care homes isn't a lot of fun, particularly if you end up with one that's not great at communicating), and I need to use my time productively. Beating myself up about social media isn't productive. Neither is whining. Life is what it is. At the moment there's a surfeit of lemons, and I'm making lemon cake as well as lemonade...

So... welcome back to my blog, thank you to everyone who's stuck with me through the neglect, and hopefully from today on I'll be better :)

If you've read my posts on FB, then you'll know that I'm sticking with my goals of the gym - and I have a Fitbit Charge HR to track everything, which I'm enjoying hugely! If you haven't - then here we go!

Mad cardio today on my 121 (aka my ankle has stopped hurting so I can push it again) - 515 cals, 9m peak, 33m cardio and 10m fat burn.

On a countdown to Eldest Teen's 18th, so picked up five rolls of wrapping paper this morning (it's a BIG box!) and something else he doesn't know about (he is worse than I am for working out what the surprises are!).

Spent a lot of time yesterday going through very old photographs for DH's 'Half a century - this is your life' book and I think he's going to be pleased with the result. Righty. I'm on deadline. (This week, I am measuring out my life in deadlines and milestone birthdays...) Coffee, breakfast and GO! (That's your cue to sing MCR's 'Planetary Go' and for Youngest Teen to roll her eyes at me...) Have a nice day :)

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