Monday, September 08, 2014


I’ve had a spectacular week – lovely ed decided that she liked what I’d done with the revisions on the Capri Book, so M&B #63 is going to be out in April 2015 – ‘It Started With a Wedding…’ I really like the title! Finding the Pandora bead that said ‘wedding dress designer meets toffee magnate’ was a bit tricky, so in the end I opted for a flower-based bead to celebrate the sale. (Had a sneaky breakfast out with DH in the city on the day I bought the bead – eggs Florentine is one of my all-time favourites.)

Current work: I’m writing M&B #64 (a medical romance), planning M&B #65 (a Harlequin Romance) and working on an indie project.

Books out this month: You can still get hold of Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride from Harlequin/M&B and online retailers; and you can get an early copy of It Started With No Strings from the M&B website (aka the Plague Squirrels book!).

Music: listening to Mallory Knox and Robert Plant

Reading: Jill Shalvis ‘It’s In His Kiss’ (enjoyed very much); Marguerite Kaye ‘Never Forget Me’ (very good and particularly enjoyed the second story)

Gym: Did the full five sessions last week, including the insane cardio. Actually, it was great fun – I was totally shattered at the end (and burned the same amount in the session as I would in the much longer normal cardio session) but I agree with my trainer that I should try doing that twice a week rather than one insane session and one normal session, and then having my three weights days.

Dance class: waltz and quickstep, this week. We can just about get the ‘whisk and wing’ now, but we need a fair bit more practice on the new hesitation move!

Other stuff: First full school week, so dog will not be happy. Especially as I have lunch out with my local RNA chapter this week, which means he will be all on his little lonesome.

Have a nice week! :)

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