Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chocolate Box Blog Hop guest - Susan Meier 'Spring Slim Down'

Susan inspires me - she's another of my cheerleader squad in the Kate Unlardy Project :o) So her spring post is very appropriate for me! (And don't forget to enter the giveaway...)

Most of my life, I’ve enjoyed the status of being at the same weight/size. Then suddenly I gained 40 pounds. Rather than slim down, I bought a bigger size bathing suit last summer. LOL! Not quite cheating but sort of.

This year, I don’t want to buy a bigger size. In fact, I’d like to fit into a few of my smaller suits. So I’ve joined the ranks of those doing the spring diet. Or maybe better said, spring slim down…because I’m not good with diets but I love exercise.

I have every DVD known to mankind except P90X. One look at that infomercial and I knew I wouldn’t survive it. The Zumba tapes looked like so much fun on TV that I bought them immediately. Never took them out of the box. But my daughter’s friend did use them. I loved Tae Bo in the 90’s so I bought the “classic” edition, thinking I’d get the routines I’d loved. But not quite. Either that or my added years and weight made the workouts beyond my abilities.

Luckily, I hired a personal trainer last year. She also teaches a much simpler form of Zumba. More like dancing. ☺ I also bought the Hip Hop Abs DVDS and love them.

So now I get up in the morning and do a half-hour Hip Hop Abs routine. Then I work/write until noon. Wednesdays and Fridays at noon I workout with my trainer. Tuesday night, Thursday night and Saturday morning I do Zumba with Cindy.

I may not lose a ton of weight but by vacation I hope to at least be tucked in!

How about you? Are you a Spring Slim Down person?

Susan Meier

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Michelle Douglas said...

Susan, you and Kate have been setting such a good example that I finally bit the bullet and went to a yoga class. It was fab. It's not spring in my neck of the woods but with all the hideous heat and humidity now a thing of the past, now is my favourite time of year to exercise so I've increased my walking too. Can't believe how much better I feel. :-)