Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Santa's on tour! (And I'm going places, too…)

Survived half term and much partying (do NOT ask about the scales, sob). And now everything's all systems go! (Well, they will be when my revisions land. I need to learn how to wait productively.)

Today is Bonfire Night and I'm talking fireworks over at the Chocolate Box. I'm also talking firework food over at the Pink Heart Society (aka my recipe for fajitas).

And then I'm on a blog tour with Tis the Season to Kiss Santa (look at the lovely, lovely banner my publisher made for me!).

You can find out where I am on the tour over at Buy the Book (thank you to Florence). And there are three holiday books up for grabs, along with excerpts, so do go along and see Santa.

And thank you to everyone who's given me such nice reviews on Amazon. As an author, it's hard to judge your own books - I always try my best, but I also always worry that it's not good enough. So I'm very glad and relieved that people seem to like Santa :)

Have a nice day!

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