Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Half term...

Current work: working on M&B #60 (Medical – tropical medicine) and two or three other projects
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: Sleigh Bells in the Snow, Sarah Morgan (loved it – great characters, great warmth, great dialogue, a puppy to die for and an ice waterfall – can’t wait for the next in the series), The Tycoon’s Secret Daughter and Nanny for the Millionaire’s Twins (enjoyed very much), The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton (liked it so much I bought the rest of her backlist – HOW did I miss this when it came out? Beautifully written)
Gym: cardio – intervals (2m run, 1m walk, for 20mins) on the treadmill, Kilimanjaro on the stepper, and ‘random’ on the cross-trainer

Half term. We survived the big storm yesterday (thankfully it wasn’t as harsh as predicted), and we’ve started birthday celebrations for Youngest with a night out bowling (and breakfast out this morning at Frank’s bar – terribly decadent of us, and the food was excellent. Ditto the coffee, and the staff were lovely). The end of last week turned out to be a bit on the pricey side, with a replacement washing machine, two new tyres and a vet visit on Friday… but at least my old boy seems a bit more comfortable, and I can stop worrying about his heart murmur (at least for a couple of weeks).

This week means birthday celebrations – and I also have a couple of books out this week. More of which later!

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