Tuesday, July 02, 2013

another catchup

Current work: thinking about M&B #59 (no, I didn’t mistype the number – really is 59. I wrote another book between finishing #57 after my last post and writing this one because… well, it’s how the deadline worked out, and anyway I write better when it's fast because it stops me overthinking things)
Listening to: Beethoven (how wonderful to drive to Zumba last night listening to ‘Ode to Joy’ on the radio – can’t wait for the live performance in September)
Reading: probably going to have a Sarah Mayberry-fest, because I love her books
Gym: weights (but new PB on treadmill intervals yesterday – 6.4mph, which isn’t bad for someone with verrrry short legs).

I’m so sorry I was such a bad blogger last month! Exams are now over, so things have settled down a little bit.

What happened in June?

Work - lots of words on the iPad (I had to ban myself from the Mac because otherwise I get distracted by the internet, and it’s so SLOW on the iPad that I behave myself and get on with the book).

Ballroom dancing – a couple of new steps in the quickstep and the jive

Gym – going nicely (just noticed that last post I was saying how pleased I was at doing 5.8pmh, so look at today’s bit above – whoo-hoo!), and I’ve added in Zumba and Jazz/Contemporary classes on Monday. (Yes, that does mean I have three sessions at the gym on Monday. I’d prefer to space the classes out, but it’s how the schedule rolls! But I’m very pleased with myself that I can cope with that.)

Music – guitar lessons eaten up by exams (including daughter’s guitar exams). And my nails need cutting. But I’m off deadline today, so I am planning to have a bit of quiet time with the Bach D minor :o) Also attended daughter’s first gig (she was fabulous) and took her guitar in for repair (yup – she dropped it 10 minutes before the gig. Luckily it was still playable on the night).

Other stuff – son finished his exams. Did a bit of church-crawling with DH.

Plan for this week - tidy desk, get all admin up to date and GO TO THE POST OFFICE. (Anyone expecting something from me - it will happen this week and there will be appropriate grovelling. And I'm *almost* back to being Scary Kate/the Energizer Bunny. Normal service soon to be resumed.)

Oh, yeah – and it’s publication day today for A Date with the Ice Princess. (I will update my website this week, I promise!!)

Have a lovely day! xxx


Bailey Stewart said...

saw the video of daughter's gig ... was fantastic! And WhooHoo on the treadmill. It's funny, I have short legs but I move really fast. It's because my brothers were 5'11" and 6'3" (yeah, how did I end up 5'3"? Paternal grandmother), so I had to walk fast to keep up. Great post!

Caroline said...

Phew! I'm exhausted just reading your blog. You are always so busy! Caroline x

Mary Preston said...

When do you sleep?

Kate Hardy said...

Bailey - thank you! (And, oh... I know what you mean. Everyone else in my family has long legs, but I think my maternal grandmother was short - got mine from her!)

Caroline - I'm just hyper ;)

Mary - if I don't get 8 hours, I'm grumpy. I go to bed before 11!