Monday, February 18, 2013

Half term

Current work: Medical Romance (aka M&B #56)
Listening to: nothing – everyone’s home so I have sound out to let me concentrate
Reading: next on TBR

One armful of blood later, I am back at my desk (deadline, deadline, deadline). DH is playing the guitar in the living room with dog as adoring audience. Daughter is doing her geography homework in the kitchen. Son is doing the teenage boy thing and not emerging from bed on the grounds that he desperately needs sleep. (DH isn't aware of this yet but as he's off this week I'd like him to take over from me on the nagging front - homework and working out a revision timetable for GCSEs.)

I really need to concentrate on the book and not stress about the blood tests, especially as I'm pretty sure they're simply going to confirm what the GP and I already think. Though it is a relief to know that it's not totally my fault I'm horribly overweight - I am eating all the right things, I'm doing the right kind and amount of exercise, but my endocrine system is having an almighty hissy fit and refusing to play ball. I did ask if I could do 5:2 and she said no - I need to eat little and often, keep the sugar as low as possible, and balance low-GL carbs with lean protein. So. Deep breath, get on with the week, and try not to think too much!


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, so long as you are proactive with your health, which I know you are, then it will be fine. Managing something is always easier if you know what you're dealing with and you know your own body.

Carol Warham said...

You're doing everything right and some day soon it will all come good for you. I have total faith. Take care.

Caroline said...

Hugs on the blood front. Hope you have a good half-term, Kate and find some time to relax with the family. Caroline x