Monday, December 20, 2010


Current work: revisions
Listening to: whatever the kids are playing
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Touching wood as I write this, we seem to have been spared the major snow dumps that the rest of the country have suffered. We had maybe 4cm of snow on Friday (just before we went out for a Christmas meal with friends) but it has been incredibly cold here – when DH went Christmas shopping on Saturday morning it was minus 9.5C, and it’s meant to be minus 11C tonight. (Oh, and we were officially the coldest place in the country on Saturday night, with minus 16C recorded by the assistant head gardener of Blickling Hall.)

Quiet weekend – visited both parents’ graves on Sunday (it was my mum’s anniversary; I knew the first time would be tough, but it had to be done) and then popped in to see my stepmum.

Plans for today: work this morning, then board games/Wii/X-box with the kids. It’s freezing fog outside and the ungritted roads (i.e. the half-mile between my house and the main road) are skidpans, so I’d rather stay home safely in the warm than go out. Plus, having taken the last three weeks off, I need to catch up with myself.

Does anyone out there have nice plans in the lead-up to Christmas?


Caroline said...

Ohhh keep warm Kate. We have been snowed in since Friday. Managed to walk up the lane and cadge a lift into work, otherwise I would still be in the house. Went shopping for some food at lunchtime - the shops were chaos! Caroline x

Brigitte said...

No, not really. Just trying to stay out of 'snow's way'!!!

DH broke two ribs last week, slipping on ice. Luckily we hadn't decided to jet off to some exotic location this year!

But I intend to broaden my horizon later this week. I'll be visiting Piet Mondrian's exhibition at Centre Pompidou and the Bulgari Collection at The Grand Palais.

Presents all bought, freezer stocked up, now it's time to catch up on some serious reading.
Oh yes, the tree still needs decorating.

Keep warm and snug beside the fire.

Bluestocking Mum said...

I always like to go to M & S and buy some delicious foodie treats but with the weather, I haven't managed to get out.

But the main food is in, the fire is burning, and I'm going to do some ironing. Tomorrow it's baking and meeting friends to exchange gifts...if the weather allows!

Sending you and yours all the very best for Christmas and for a happier 2011.

warm wishes

Lacey Devlin said...

Stay warm Kate!